Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dealing with multiple attackers

Sometimes, I see a self defence video which is so misguided that it is actually dangerous.  Usually, I stumble across these, and that was the case with a video where the viewer is advised on how to deal with an attack from three men.

I didn't feel compelled to watch any more videos from the same channel.  Maybe the guy featured knows what he is talking about under other circumstances but, if he uses the displayed method against three guys like this, he's probably finished.  Making people believe that this will work is downright irresponsible.

In this situation, you are outnumbered.  The punches, and probably kicks, will come at you without warning, from multiple angles.  You are going to get hit.  In the video, there are no obvious weapons to be had in the immediate environment.  If there was a fire extinguisher, broom or any other object that could conceivably be used as a weapon, it should be used.  I'm assuming that he is wearing a belt, so that might be used as a weapon under these circumstances.

Empty handed?  All is not lost.  At this range, your ability to use your elbows will come into play.  With the adrenaline flowing, the wall of bone that is your elbow will hit like a sledgehammer.  Use it.  Hit anything that is in front of you.  If you catch a fist with your elbow, they're not punching with that hand for a while.  Also, think about immobilising at least one of your attackers by taking out their knee or kicking their leg so hard that it no longer works.  However you break through the wall of attackers, break through it and run.  That's the one thing he got right.  Run.  Run as fast as you possibly can.

Edit: I forgot to mention the most important point.  No one can guarantee that you will escape a confrontation with one opponent.  No one.  With multiple opponents, a guarantee that you will escape is even more useless.  Avoid getting into such a situation, if it is at all possible.

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